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Summer coolers 2018 without alcohol

Soothe your soul  this Summer with following coolers loaded with fruits, herbs and spices.

Fruit infused water is a healthy and refreshing drink option for summers.

 All it takes is add up all the ingredients and refrigerate till the water is infused with all those flavors.

Infused Water Recipes

  1.  Cucumber Mintcucumber sliced,sliced lemon, ginger grated,mint leaves,water .
  2. Apple cinnamon  –  apples finely chopped,an inch of cinnamon stick ,water.
  3. Watermelon Mint – watermelon cubed, 5,6 fresh mint leaves,black salt,water.
  4. Berry blast  – add raspberries and blackberries to traditional lemonade , muddled fresh mint,water .
  5. Strawberry thyme – diced strawberry, chopped thyme , dash of lemon, water as required
  6. Peach delight -1 ripe fresh peach,1 sliced lemon, honey,water.
  7. Cherry lime – 1 grapefruit thin sliced,½ cup  slightly muddled fresh raspberries,water.
  8. Pineapple basil – Add ¼ of a sliced fresh pineapple and 10/12 leaves of muddled fresh basil ,water.

The above recipes are just a few suggestions.

You can use various fruits and flavors based on your taste preferences and enjoy !


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