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Self Introduction

What is Self Introduction?

The act of introducing oneself to another is called Self Introduction. Self Introduction can be on Personal or Professional level. Self Introduction depends upon who you are introducing yourself to.

  1. Basic Self Introduction

I am Joleta Robinson from Polland.
I am pursuing MCA First year.
I did my schooling from Woldingham School England.
My hobbies are listening to Music, solving SUDOKU, and reading Books.
About my family, there are 3 members in my family including me, my Father who is a Businessman and my Mother who is a homemaker
My strengths are a positive attitude, optimistic, and hard working
And my weakness is I am a bit skeptical.
My aim is I want to be a good Programmer.

2. Self Introduction at an Interview

(Self – Introduction)
I am Catherin D’Souza. I am a Project Manager at Dreamz.
I’ve been with the company for 5 years now. I started off as a Team Leader and over the years progressed to my current role.

(Strengths) The strengths you describe must be relevant to the job.

My strengths are being able to learn quickly, smart working and honesty.

(Weakness )

My only weakness is I trust people easily.

(Short term goal)

My Short- term goal is to explore my knowledge & learn new things.

(Long term goal)
My Long-term goals involve growing with the company where I can continue to learn and take up additional responsibilities.

(Spare Time)
When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my daughter. We do a lot of outing and camping together. My husband isn’t very fond of it, but he tags along with us most of the time.

Self-Introduction at an Interview is your chance to promote your greatest qualities and leave your interviewer with a lasting impression.



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