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Personality Development

Personality Development Consultancy Mumbai

Our Methodology

At Sonya Wordsmith, we use a holistic approach or STAR” ( State, Time, Asses & Reward) methodology in our personal development consulting solutions. The “STAR”:

– STATE : State your clear outcomes, set goals with outcome criteria, recognize the need for change and growth , know your current limitations or constraints require some action or decision and get fully engaged mentally and motivated to continuous learn and develop.

– TIME : Create an operational plan that includes defined activities and time allocation. Prioritize based on values and execute the planned steps or actions.

– ASSESS : Assess performance, monitor progress towards the objectives, adjust the plan , assess during activities on the basis of criteria, measuring progress, and making adjustments accordingly.

– REWARD: Reward achievement, motivate yourself for future successes, celebrate your successes with family and friends, appreciate gains and acknowledge growth and progress.

How we do it

Our personality development solutions incorporate all our experience, result oriented  and innovative approaches to continuously improve the effectiveness of  consulting solution.

We stay focus on outcomes
We consult and design operational plan with a clear objective, set of milestones, outcomes in mind, and as a result our clients secure changes which they have identified as critical to achieving results.

Recongnize the need for change and growth
We develop self-awareness , help in assessing the current situation, resources, priorities, barriers.  As a result our clients create sustainable changes in attitudes and behaviour that enable them to go beyond their own expectations.

We harness the synergy of the group
Our solution demonstrates the value of a team approach, and as a result our clients are motivated to become better team leaders and team members.

We create supportive environment
We help to align systems and processes so that they support and enable a positive environment for continue development, and as a result our client’s organisation is transformed to support the development needed to achieve breakthrough results.

We focus on building long term partnership
We work with clients over time to progressively develop the capabilities of their people, and as a result our clients achieve sustainable and long-lasting performance improvement.

Do You Want To Improve Your Performance And Personality?

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