Image Makeover

Image Makeover


People can judge you In just 10 seconds of meeting you. A lot can be understood about your personality by looking at your appearance. Image is all about perception. No doubt you feel confident when you wear the right clothes and have the right attitude. You can create lasting impressions at work, job interview, schools, meeting or even when you are dating, if you have the best visual appearance and verbal and non-verbal communications.



At Sonya Wordsmith Image Makeover we work on the three core aspects of your personality: Appearance, Behavior and Personality. Our services are meant for men, women and kids.


Our services can benefit you if

– you need (an overall) change in your appearance, 
– you would like to look and feel great every day,
– you need to present image of credibility and respect, 
– you want to advance in a professional way,
– you don’t feel good in your clothes,
– you want to look more attractive or more elegant,
– you need to make a great first impression, 
– you work in a serious company or run business but your outfits are not professional enough, 
– you are not able to see what suits you, 
– you want to be happy when you look in the mirror,
– you woke up one day and just needed a change, 
– or you may just want to change for the better.


“Your Image is the reflection of your Attitude and Personality.”

How do we do your Image Makeover

Key Services

  • Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe Audit
  • Hair Makeover

Image Analysis – In this session we get to know you as a person and understand your lifestyle and professional need so as to create the most suitable plan for your makeover.

Color Analysis – Here you will discover the right colors that match your skin, hair and eyes. These right colors will make you feel beautiful and confident. You will be find the right clothing and make up that compliments your skin tone.

Style Analysis - By knowing your body shape and understanding the rules of wearing what is right for your body type, style and personality, you will be able to dress to suit your lifestyle.

Make up - Right make up is as important as the right clothes. In this session we will show you how to care for your skin, wear shades that flatter your complexion and provide you professional application tips for a long-lasting look.

Personal Shopping – We will accompany you to the best of fashion stores in the city to help you in buying with confidence and ease. We will select outfits that are best for you within your budget.

The above services are optional, but helpful for some clients. You can either go for Total Image Makeover by taking all the above mentioned services or opt for any of the individual services. Click here to book a session with us right now.

Wardrobe Audit – In this session you will learn the rules of cost and time effective wardrobe organization. Understand how to mix and match fabrics, styles, colors and textures. You will learn how to mix and match accessories and footwear. We provide you a complete functional wardrobe that will suit all occasions. For more details on wardrobe auditing click here. 

Hair style – We select the right hair style, color and hair cut that will suit your personality and profession.

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