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Home decor ideas to bring in Positivity



Your Home is an expression of your inner state.You can’t change your life without changing the surroundings around you. Maintaining your Home not only gives it an elegant look but creates a warm and a fresh environment. Positive energy in your home decor helps you and your family to relax and bring progress in your life.

Following are 5 home decor ideas that will bring positive energy to your home and life


  1. De clutter your home : A clean home gives a sense of self organization and a place to relax. A clean and a clutter free home is window for positive energy to flow in, thus influencing our thoughts and life. Give your home a breathing space to bring in positive energy in your life.
  2. Wall color : Colors play a vital role in our lives. It directly or indirectly influences our way of thinking, emotions and  mood.Selecting Wrong colors leads to restlessness or frustration in the environment.Pastel colors bring a feeling of calmness and good energy.
  3. Visual treats : The moment you wake up and move around in your house , you start influencing your sub conscious mind through the things you see around. Create a pleasant environment in your home with pictures of your loved ones, positive paintings , thoughts or decorative items. Avoid any paintings,books, pictures or decor items that emit negativity.
  4. Plants and flowers : Plants and flowers are one of the important aspect in home decor. They bring oxygen and positive energy into your dwelling.Find the right spots in your home for these natural beauties. Remember do not flood the plant pots with water.
  5. Aroma : If you like aroma in your environment, the market is filled with a variety of it in the form of candles,incense sticks, aroma diffusers and so on. A good aroma not only makes your home smell good all the time but also soothes your senses.

While doing up your home, remember Home decor is not only  cleaning and decorating but also creating a positive environment. Lights and chandeliers can do wonders if it is in the right places.Try to keep minimum and useful furniture only. Positive energy in your home decor helps you to relax and succeed in day-to-day activities. You can even try Vaastu shastra or Feng Shui.

Look around your home, Do you feel happy ? Do you think you can bring some changes?

Feel free to share your ideas !




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