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Hairstyle Mistakes by Men

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Here we bring you the most common hair styling mistakes made by men all over the world. Just take time to find out what goes wrong and how can you fix it?

  1. Avoiding proper hair care

Even if you do not carry long hair like Rapunzel, you need to have a proper hair care routine. With stressful and busy life it almost becomes impossible to care for your hair.Proper Hair care for men does not merely mean combing and haircuts.It is very important to understand the quality of your hair as this will help you to select the right styling products; hair shampoo, conditioner, oils etc for your hair. Proper hair care includes oiling the hair at least once a week if they have a normal texture and twice a week if you have oily scalp, for dry hair it is better to avoid shampooing hair daily.Depending on the quality of your hair you can select a suitable shampoo and conditioner and wash your hair daily or weekly as per your lifestyle.Use a mild shampoo.Avoid combing wet hair.

2. Over using Hair styling products

This is another common mistake made by men . Whether you are blow drying, gel setting,using a mousse or serum , actually you are applying chemicals to your hair. These chemicals do not have an immediate effect but surely in the long run they affect the texture, scalp and even hamper the growth of your hair .Try to avoid such products or use as less as possible. Sometimes less is more.

3. Wrong Haircut

Many Men choose a hairstyle that does not suit their routine. If you do not have enough time in the morning to get ready, then you might want to avoid a hairstyle that takes a lot of time. For such people it is best to go for a neat and a well styled haircut that requires less time. Opt for a haircut that compliments your face and suits your lifestyle. In the process you not only have a good appearance but also save a lot of time. For people who like to experiment, its good to have variations with hair cuts but try to avoid hair care products or equipment.

4. Overspending on hair care products

With so many variations available in the market it becomes difficult to choose the right product for your hair. Today the market is full with gels, wet look waxes, hair perfumes etc ,but not every product is your requirement. You need to understand your scalp , the quality of your hair and lifestyle and need to experiment with the variety of products in the beauty industry.Most of the men buy every hair care and styling product available and do not really know whats its purpose or when to use it. If you are not sure, its better to take an advice from a professional or at least have a thorough knowledge before you use the product.

5. Use of shampoo+conditioner

Products like shampoo and conditioner in one bottle are easily available , but are they worth buying ? Yes it saves your money and time but they serve the purpose? Using shampoo+ conditioner isn’t a good idea as it will only affect the quality of your hair. Invest in shampoo and conditioner separately. A shampoo is meant for cleaning your scalp and hair and a conditioner smoothens the hair and forms a protective layer.


Now that you know the difference, give your hair that pampering its been waiting for!

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