Boost your IQ with Meditation

 It has been proved time and again that Meditation improves brain power and quality. Let us see below how Meditation help us improve brain and body chemicals which in turn can bring terrific changes in our lives. Meditation reduces Cortisol (“stress hormone”) When we are stressed, our bodies produce cortisol and adrenaline in abundance. Cortisol […]

Castor oil benefits for Hair

  The nutrients in castor oil are as follows : Ricinoleic acid  – 85 to 95% Linoleic acid  – 1 to 5% Oleic acid – 2-6% A – Linolenic acid – 0.5 – 1% Benefits of castor oil for hair Prevents hair breakage Promotes hair growth Improves circulation on the scalp Remedy for hair loss […]

Denim basics for women !

Denims has been in the market since ages and it  holds a special place for all of us . The variety of Denim available in the market makes it even more difficult for us to make a choice. We have listed 6 denim basics which every women should have in her collection. These are ultimate […]


  Face and hair oils are common these days but Which oil would do wonders for you? How to select the oil with best properties ?       Some oils are rich in fatty acids and make your skin smoother and softer. The results are equally brilliant for hair as they reduce hair breakage […]

10 Body language strategies that give you the edge!

            Some People have a natural ability to influence their surroundings and a charisma which seems far fetched. We all admire such people and often wonder if we’d ever be like them! The reality is they have consciously acquired the skills and perfected them to enhance their personality. Here are 10 […]

sonya wordsmith group discussion Mumbai Delhi

Group Discussion

What is a Group Discussion? GD or Group Discussion is a group activity or an interview process. In this methodology, The group of candidates is given a topic for interaction and a few minutes to think about the same. A discussion is carried among themselves for 15-20 minutes. GD evaluation is done by the subject experts based […]