Men Hair style

Hairstyle Mistakes by Men

  Here we bring you the most common hair styling mistakes made by men all over the world. Just take time to find out what goes wrong and how can you fix it? Avoiding proper hair care Even if you do not carry long hair like Rapunzel, you need to have a proper hair care […]

Sonya Wordsmith Public Speaking Mumbai & Pune

Public Speaking

  Public Speaking Public speaking is usually understood as formal, face-to-face speaking or talking of a single person to a group of individuals. Good public speaking skills are important. Anyone whose job involves communicating, teaching or persuading will do a better job if they have good public speaking skills. Everyone has their own strengths and […]

Personality Development Consultancy Mumbai

Personality Development

Our Methodology At Sonya Wordsmith, we use a holistic approach or “STAR” ( State, Time, Asses & Reward) methodology in our personal development consulting solutions. The “STAR”: – STATE : State your clear outcomes, set goals with outcome criteria, recognize the need for change and growth , know your current limitations or constraints require some action […]

Summer coolers 2018 without alcohol

Soothe your soul  this Summer with following coolers loaded with fruits, herbs and spices. Fruit infused water is a healthy and refreshing drink option for summers.  All it takes is add up all the ingredients and refrigerate till the water is infused with all those flavors. Infused Water Recipes  Cucumber Mint– cucumber sliced,sliced lemon, ginger […]

Ayurveda herbs to unlock brain power

Have you ever thought What would happen if you had the most intelligent brain in the world? Just drool over the thought and see how different life would be otherwise? If you had the most intelligent brain in the world, You would never be short of Knowledge,Riches, Power or you name it. The world would […]

Home decor ideas to bring in Positivity

    Your Home is an expression of your inner state.You can’t change your life without changing the surroundings around you. Maintaining your Home not only gives it an elegant look but creates a warm and a fresh environment. Positive energy in your home decor helps you and your family to relax and bring progress in […]